Popular Sex Positions

Great Sexual Positions Every Woman Loves

Have you ever been talking about Popular Sex Positions with friends? And suddenly someone chooses a random position as their favorite?

Most Popular Sex Position Among Men and Women

When it comes to sexual positions, a lot of the articles/books focus a lot on the penis in the vagina. But here at The Hook-Up, it’s all about inclusivity. So if you’re gay, straight, or bisexual, here you have the best. Ten sexual positions and how to do them, for everyone.

  1. Doggy

Doggy style is the perfect position if you like to feel submissive while your man takes control. It’s easy to do and as you’ll see below, there are many heavenly variations of Doggy Style.

  1. Missionary

In the classic version of the missionary sex position, a couple lies face-to-face with the penetrating partner. On top and the receiving partner on their backs. Sure, it’s “traditional,” but if you and your partner want to “make love,” missionary can take your intimacy to the next level.

  1. Cowgirl

In the cowgirl sex position, she has the reins. So this one is all about the woman and how she moves her body. She controls the speed, depth, angle, movement, and all the other aspects. That will take you both on the most direct path to orgasm.

  1. Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl sex position is one of the most well-known sex positions out there. It’s great for those who like to be on top of their man. But don’t want to spend all their time looking into his eyes. Although there are many positions like that in our ultimate guide to sexual positions.

  1. Spooning

Spooning is one of the classics along with the Missionary, Cowgirl, and doggy-style sexual positions. It is not a sexual position for rough or “rough” sex. Instead, it is more for those who enjoy slow and intimate sex with their man. As their bodies are in full contact with each other.

  1. 69

The 69-sex position is one of the most famous in the world. And one of the most popular on our list of the best sex positions. It works very well because both partners get a lot of oral action from each other. Although this is not a penetrative sex position like the Pretzel position, it is worth knowing about.

  1. Scissoring

Scissoring is a sexual position between two partners who sit facing each other and cross. Their legs so that their genitals touch. It is called scissors because the position looks like two scissors crossing and touching the base where the blades meet. With each partner’s legs imitating the blades of the scissors.

  1. Prone Boning

The prone sex position may not seem like the most erotic move in the world. But lovers of this position say it’s a great way to explore slow, easy, and intimate sex with minimal effort required.

  1. Oral

Oral sex is a common sexual act between couples of all ages and genders. Also known as fellatio or cunnilingus, it involves oral stimulation of the partner’s genitals or anus.

  1. Mutual Maz

Mutual masturbation is sadly underrated. It’s safer sex, you’re very unlikely to get pregnant, and because you know what you’re doing. You often get a better orgasm with your hand.

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